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HQ ART GALLERY is located opposite the famous Wat Phrasing temple in Chiang Mai, former capital of the Lanna Kingdom in northern Thailand.
HQ Art Gallery's unique proposition is to combine a wealth of local artistic talent (from the fine arts departments within Chiang Mai University and five colleges of tertiary education) with a 700 year old local tradition of papermaking.
The gallery specialises in contemporary paintings by young, talented artists, including woodcuts, oils, acrylic, watercolour and mixed media applications on special mulberry and bamboo art paper that is made locally by hand.

This VIRTUAL HQ ART GALLERY went online in October 2000 in response to many requests from our overseas customers who are not able to visit us regularly. Now we have opened up our gallery to the rest of the world and can give our artists international exposure.

In addition to displaying works of art, the gallery also has a permanent display of a very wide range of quality handmade and milled decorative papers, all available for sale. The gallery is linked with HQ PaperMaker, a leading producer of specialist papers including mulberry (sa), recycled, mixed organic fibre, flower petal, hand printed and of course archival quality art papers.

You can learn all about art paper and see HQ PaperMaker's extensive range of decorative papers on their website www.hqpapermaker.com

HQ PaperMaker is the only Thai paper producer that has a full e-commerce service that enables customers to purchase paper by credit card online, for rapid door-to-door delivery anywhere in the world. Telephone: +66 53 814 717-8. Fax: +66 53 814 719. or Email: sales@hqpapermaker.com.

Message from Kenji Owaki, Managing Director of HQ Group Co.,Ltd

“I have a passion for art and also for paper. To sponsor a gallery that brings together local artists with locally made paper has been a long term aim. As a paper producer, it always surprised me that artists rarely selected the incredibly beautiful locally handmade paper to paint upon. After all, in Chiang Mai papermaking has been a traditional art in itself for over 700 years.”

“I found that one reason local 'sa' paper has been shunned by artists is that it is too rough and porous and furthermore it contains acid, which as all artists and bookbinders know, is no good for the work in the long term. So at HQ PaperMaker we set about to develop a unique handmade paper incorporating local raw materials like mulberry and bamboo that could compete with the best imported art papers. What we have come up with is a range of lovingly handcrafted, smooth, acid free, chlorine free, internally sized, archival quality mulberry and bamboo based papers that are suitable for a wide range of printing and art media.”

“As you will see by the evidence presented in our exhibition, we've succeeded in producing a home grown paper that not only carries, but also enhances the beauty of fine artwork and printing. We are proud to present artwork on these papers and hope to encourage the growth of this local industry through sales of our artist papers and the artworks themselves, locally and worldwide.”