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Within the picturesque city of Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, there are an estimated 1,500 practicing art students and a further 1,000 independent artists, drawn to this magical area by its natural beauty and light, not to mention its fine arts departments within Chiang Mai University and five colleges of tertiary education.

Many of these young artists continue to pursue a career as professionals, some becoming famous in the process. Our job at HQ Art Gallery is to try to pick out those with the greatest talents, while their names are still relatively unknown and their works can be sold at realistic prices. What we offer to you is great value for money and by buying these paintings you are also helping young artists to fund their continuing studies and start their careers.

The following is our featured artist of the month.




HQ Millennium Art Competition, 1st prize "Face" by Wanida

Name: Wanida Luangsakulwongs
Institution: Chiang Mai University, Faculty of Arts

Art Experience:

November 1994: 1st prize "Poster Advertisement Design" from the Department of General Education

January 1995: 3rd prize "The Commercial Arts" Arts & Crafts Exhibition No. 48 at Lampang Province

November 1995: 1st prize "International Painting Compettion" from the Department of General Education

May 1996: 1st prize "The Public Health Office Exhibition"

July 1996: certificate & prize from Naresuan College, Phitsanulok

1999: Attend the Art Exhibition of Faculty of Arts, Chiang Mai University

March 2000: 1st prize "HQ Millennium Art Competition" at HQ Gallery